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Hwyl Fawr

It’s come time to be realistic. I never really put my heart and soul into this blog nor really to any other blog I run or have run. They were never means to earn a living. I never did advertising. […]

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Kamikaze Turkey

I’m sure there are going to be many articles and blog posts about the closing of the BBC TV Centre. And I’m going to add my own as probably most of you don’t know that I spent two(2) very happy […]

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Six Pillars of Character.

This post has now been migrated to http://www.churchtechy.com/2014/01/six-pillars-of-character/

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Camera Streak

One of the big problems with the camera on our smart phones is that they can’t do some of the neat and nifty stuff that can be done with dedicated cameras. One such is long exposures. However ‘Camera Streak‘ by […]

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