twitter whale fail imageDo you remember when you started using twitter?

More importantly do you remember why you started using twitter?

For me, I know the answer to both those questions. The first was 3yrs ago last week and the why was to join in a wider world conversation and to me that is the key.

The dictionary defines conversation as:

The informal exchange of ideas by spoken words.

Let us leave aside the physical spoken word aspect and instead stick with “the informal exchange of ideas by…” and stick with the fact that whatever means we use to communicate, that communication has to be a two way street.

I really don’t understand why anyone would want to create a social media account and not be social.

Or is it my understanding of what social means?

So does the modern definition of social include ….

  • not answering requests
  • never talking back
  • not indulging in a conversation for conversations sake

Because if that’s what it takes then I want no part of it.

I’m getting close to wiping my timeline clean of all users except those that have talked to me and starting afresh – effectively do a Michael Hyatt but not for his reasons, for reasons that most don’t talk to me – only at me! And quite frankly I’ve had a lifetime fill of folks only ever talking at me.

What say you?

In fact come and join me on Google+ where most folks in my circles have already spoken with me….